Hi, I'm Karl-Chris Nsabiyumva, but you can call me Chris.

Currently: Freelance Product Designer & UX Strategist.

I'm a problem-solver, with experience solving problems as a public sector policy analyst, a non-profit manager, a storyteller, and now, a user-centred designer.

I've designed mobile applications, websites and computer software to address different challenges in East Africa and North America. I also design apparel.

When I'm not solving problems 'at work' I'm most likely doing what I do best: being a dad.


A few problems I've solved:

Filtering and sorting things Tudu in Toronto

I designed the navigation, filtering and sorting interface of whatstudu.com, a website to find things to do in Toronto.

Digitizing East African Village Saving & Loan Associations

I'm designing a mobile application and web platform to facilitate the operation of over 765 community saving and loan groups in Burundi (East Africa).

Designing Citadin, a local search-and-discovery app

This was my first full app design and branding project.

Citandin provides date, time, budget, interests, tastes and needs filters for the user to find and plan things to do in their city

Other things I've done / I'm doing:

Owner & Designer @ InkáMūntu

I started InkaMuntu in June 2018 because I couldn't find a yellow T-shirt I liked; so I decided to design one. Since then, I've designed two summer and winter collections.

I also designed and built the website, which serves as the main sales platform.

That said, InkaMuntu is a one-man operation: I'm in charge of Production, Marketing, Distribution and Accounting as well.

Digital Strategy Consultant @ Portland Adult Education

PAE is a Portland (Maine, USA) Public School with programs specially designed for adults, and the "New Mainers' Resource Centre" a program serving immigrants and refugees in the Greater Portland Area.

In May 2017 they hired me to redesign the NMRC website and make it easier for non-tech staff to keep to update it regularly. I rebuilt the website using WordPress, designed a website "user manual" for staff and trained them to use Wordpress. I also created an NMRC Newsletter system, revived the school's social media platforms, and implemented a few redesigns on the main school website.

Co-Founder & Manager, Communication & Development @ SaCoDé

SaCoDé was founded in 2010, in Burundi. Its innovative Menstrual Hygiene Management, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Water & Sanitation, and Financial Literacy programs have served over 500,000 beneficiaries in East and Central Africa.

My contributions have involved designing and building the corporate website, leading the communication and marketing teams, designing programs, managing relationships with partners, and securing over USD 1,000,000 in direct and indirect funding.

Customs Services Modernisation Officer @ Burundi Revenue Authority

The Burundi Revenue Authority (Office Burundais des Recettes aka OBR) is Burundi's National Internal and Customs Revenue Collector.

From 2011 to 2015 I was the Policy Analyst in charge of the modernisation of Customs Services and Trade Facilitation. Besides the usual policy analysis work, I designed a few processes and information systems, such as the warehousing procedures manual, and a system to register and track foreign registered temporary imported motor vehicles.

Freelance Content Creator & Manager
  • Founder and Editor @ This Burundian Life, a storytelling online platform; from 2013 to 2017.

  • Co-Host @ Imagine Burundi, a radio program; from 2011 to 2014.

  • Graphic & Website designer, from 2009 to 2011.

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